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Competitive Team


What is Company?

The Nashville School of Dance and Music Company is a team

of athletes that compete regionally and nationally. Company members train several

days a week to prepare for performances and competitions. Our program works

towards building confidence, self-esteem, discipline and teamwork as well as good

sportsmanship. Although we attend competitions with the intention of winning,

our top priority is to improve our dancing through the judges’ critiques. We base

our success on our progress from competition to competition and our growth from

the classroom to the stage. Our company dancers mature to be not only talented

dancers, but also well rounded people! We have been voted one of the top 50

competition studios in the country by Dance Teacher Magazine. Our dancers

have received college scholarships, danced on college dance teams, and performed

professionally in dance companies. Many of our students have made a career from

their dance training. Feel free to email or call us for more information about company.




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